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Visual Server Artisan

Craft the next generation visual archivist.

Conjur the most elegant schema-less analysis framework ever built to handle bazillions of stunning visual artifacts. Fabricate a real-time, full-text, metadata search and extensible analysis engine that extracts meaningful semantic search information using all those cool new machine learning things everyone is talking about. Deploy at scale using Kubernetes and ElasticSearch to Top-500 enterprise customers. Image processing, computer vision, and GPU programming experience a bonus. Or, perhaps a particularly intriguing tattoo.


Development of core Java/Spring-boot Archivist and Analyst servers.

  • Development in Java three-layer DAO → Services → Controller REST model. Extend our existing server to add new features and solve customer issues.
  • ElasticSearch development and configuration. Build ES clusters at scale to support large, multi-tenant search clusters. Move business logic into ES extensions to optimize performance.


  • NFS systems, Flux, and other storage system configuration and optimization
  • RPM, DEB, yum for dependency management and software deployment
  • Docker, Kubernetes
  • Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services
  • Java 8+, Kotlin, Maven
  • Spring-boot, authentication
  • Python
  • Sphinx

Customer Magician

Dazzle our clients with overwhelming technical love.

Transform their companies from has-been to haz-bees by connecting our shockingly powerful platform to their SQL infrastructure.

Travel onsite to Fortune 500 companies and explain how machine learning and vision algorithms will turn their images into visual money.

Badger our engineers into fixing the right bugs for your famous clients.

If you thought explaining Google Now to your grandmother was easy, you'll love explaining convolutional neural networks to executives. If that junction between sales, marketing and engineering is your comfy space, come here and make it yours.

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Applied Data Scientist

Design and train networks to recognize signatures, superpowers and sunsets.

Develop a system where computer vision lives up to its promise of being visionary.

Develop, create and deploy machine learning, computer vision and heuristic algorithms to extract semantic information from scanned images and office documents. Design and train TensorFlow models used to classify document types and extract salient details including company logos, form parsing, statistical data from scientific graphs, facial recognition, segmentation, and sentiment analysis.

  • Design networks, retrain existing models, and apply TensorFlow models.
  • Test and deploy algorithms via Zorroa Enterprise Visual Intelligence


  • Deep understanding of core machine learning concepts.
  • Object detection, localization, classification
  • Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) and similar techniques
  • Good understanding of general image and video processing
  • Strong experience with TensorFlow, including building, retraining and optimizing models. Understanding of T-sne annd familiarity with MXNet, Theano, Caffe and other frameworks a plus.


  • Python, Jupyter for interacting with libraries within the Zorroa SDK.
  • TensorBoard for visualizing training sets.
  • Some amount of familiarity with system bring up, application development, and new hardware architecture is essential as we will be working across a range of hardwares, GPUs etc. as part of early prototyping.