Leverage the value in your current DAM

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When first talking to potential clients, one of the common questions we receive is,
“What about our current asset management system?” The concern behind that question is evident, since it can usually be restated as, “What about all the time and effort we’ve already invested in organizing and tracking our assets?”

Don't worry, it's not wasted

Zorroa can leverage these rich data sets and help make better use of your assets. Along with the machine learning we’ll use to analyze your assets, our processing pipeline can be setup to extract the metadata from your current digital asset management (DAM) systems and enrich your Enterprise Visual Intelligence experience.

Zorroa's Shotgun Integration

In the Entertainment industry, many post-production facilities use Shotgun. If you’re not familiar with it, Shotgun is a tool used to track assets, schedule resources, and manage a facility’s projects. Often, companies will configure their Shotgun instances to track a variety of additional metadata for their assets, ranging from the project it came from and who made it, to which part of the pipeline it represents and manually identified keywords.

When we setup your processing pipeline for Zorroa, we pull all of this metadata in and associate it with your assets. We can customize the specific Shotgun fields you want to pull from to only use the fields that are valuable and exclude anything extraneous or sensitive. This information is then available for use throughout the Zorroa Curator for searches, organization, and better visualization.

Let’s imagine you’d like to find to find all the marketing assets created for a specific character. You could quickly drill down to a shot you know that character is in using the Shotgun metadata we’ve extracted and then run a quick facial recognition search to find all the assets that character has ever been in. You might find things that surprise you!

It's your data - use it!

Zorroa’s powerful processing pipeline and machine learning tools are easily extensible and configurable for your workflow. Do you have an existing asset management system that you feel invested in? Let’s talk and figure out how to make the time you’ve already put into it even more valuable!