Zorroa Enterprise Visual Intelligence Monetizes Visual Assets Using Machine Learning

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Zorroa Enterprise Visual Intelligence Monetizes Visual Assets Using Machine Learning

Zorroa, the maker of AI-driven image analysis and business intelligence software, recently announced the launch of its Enterprise Visual Intelligence (EVI) platform. EVI by Zorroa is a unique, machine learning technology that provides visual search and business analytics for images, video, PDFs, and other media. This will allow marketers to search through millions of image assets across repositories and build custom analysis pipelines instantly.

Enterprises can use Zorroa EVI as a business intelligence tool to make better decisions faster and more profitably

The difficulties in accurate image search and data management are the common hurdles that most B2B enterprise content marketers face today. With the growing opportunities in social media platforms, finding a reliable visual intelligence platform solves almost all difficulties in Content marketing and data management. This is why Zorroa EVI is a welcome addition to the martech ecosystem.

Connecting the assets to other databases, such as business data from sales, marketing, HR, or other high-quality sources, provides our customers with full context around each asset,” explained Beth Loughney, CEO, Zorroa.


Zorroa EVI solves the long-standing challenge of finding visual assets stored within a variety of data silos, on premise, and in the cloud. Not only can Zorroa EVI instantaneously discover visual assets and index them in place, but Zorroa customers can automatically categorize, analyze, search, and find patterns within collections of visual assets stored in diverse, massive, enterprise repositories, which they can then convert into new revenue sources.

Sony Pictures Imageworks, the visual effects, and animation unit of Sony Pictures Motion Picture Group relies on Zorroa EVI to analyze and monetize millions of visual assets that they have produced over time. The team acknowledges the benefit of adding Zorroa EVI for image and other visual assets repository management.

“We wanted to be able to improve our film production costs using our immense repository of visual assets,” said Erik Strauss, Executive Director of Software Development, Sony Pictures Imageworks.[…]

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