Zorroa Launches Machine Learning Made Simple for the Enterprise

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BERKELEY, Calif., April 4, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Zorroa Corp. today announced the release of its Enterprise Visual Intelligence (EVI) platform, a unique, machine learning technology that provides visual search and business analytics for images, video, PDFs, and other media.

Zorroa EVI solves the long-standing challenge of finding visual assets stored within a variety of data silos, on premise, and in the cloud. Not only can Zorroa EVI instantaneously discover visual assets and index them in place, but Zorroa customers can automatically categorize, analyze, search, and find patterns within collections of visual assets stored in diverse, massive, enterprise repositories, which they can then convert into new revenue sources.

"Connecting the assets to other databases, such as business data from sales, marketing, HR, or other high-quality sources, provides our customers with full context around each asset," explained Beth Loughney, CEO, Zorroa. "Enterprises can use this business intelligence to make better decisions faster and more profitably."

Zorroa EVI includes a powerful visual-processing pipeline that rapidly ingests assets from anywhere in the enterprise. It then incorporates machine learning, artificial intelligence, and other advanced vision algorithms to analyze them. The processors within the Zorroa environment are easily tuned to the specific needs of each customer, supporting a variety of tailored use cases, such as pinpoint similarity searches, facial recognition, handwriting analysis, and other scenarios.
Sony Pictures Imageworks, the Academy Award® winning visual effects and animation unit of Sony Pictures Motion Picture Group, relies on Zorroa EVI to analyze and monetize millions of visual assets that they have produced over time.

"We wanted to be able to improve our film production costs using our immense repository of visual assets," said Erik Strauss, Executive Director of Software Development, Sony Pictures Imageworks.

"We selected Zorroa because their technology was the only solution we found that could easily scale as our demands for business analytics grow. Zorroa and its AI will allow us to quickly tune each search we use, linking our results back to records across all of our databases."

Join Zorroa CEO Beth Loughney for the first public demonstration of Zorroa EVI technology at the Launch Festival in San Francisco (April 6 and 7, 2017). The live presentation will occur on April 6 during the AI/Machine Learning Summit track.

About Zorroa Corp:

Zorroa is transforming visual assets into business value for clients around the world by making machine learning easy to deploy in the enterprise. We currently serve customers within the media, entertainment, and resource (oil and gas) segments.

Zorroa was founded in 2014 by a team of industry experts who bring to the table over 150 years of combined experience in the production of 3D and image software for the animation and effects industry (plus an Emmy and a few Academy Awards).