Zorroa's Curator

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The interactive front end to the Zorroa Platform is a web-based application called Curator. Curator allows you to search, browse, and discover your assets.

The interface is focused around a set of thumbnails which are always the result of the current search.


You can easily add widgets to slice the search in different ways. Here we have two facet widgets, one with Media Type and another with keywords generated by a CNN, plus a date widget set to show all assets from the past year:


Double clicking on an asset brings up a full screen view. Here we look at one image, and then we play a video:


The full screen lightbox viewer can also show PDFs and other multi page documents.

In addition to regular metadata-browsing-and-searching features, there are specific features in the interface that make search and browsing awesome. The most noticeable of those is the Similar button on the top right. That button triggers a similarity search. Currently, we have semantic similarity, face similarity, and color similarity in place. In a later post I'll explain how this works behind the scenes—it's a pretty interesting technology.

As a teaser, here is a screenshot of Curator, where I selected an image of a cargo ship and clicked on the semantic similarity button. The search results are images of other cargo ships, sorted by how similar they are to the image I had selected.


A very common situation in many organizations is that there is one, or maybe two people who are really familiar with a given collection. They typically know how to search the company's assets, and will find stuff really fast. Curator makes it easy for people like these to open a path for others in the organization. We'll explain the details in posts in the near future.