Meet Zorroa

Our team is passionate about Enterprise Visual Intelligence (EVI).

Zorroa was started in 2014 with the goal of creating an AI/Machine Learning platform to extract value and business intelligence from image, video, and 3D assets. 

Our team comes from film, gaming, and fintech backgrounds. We found that no matter the organization—we all had a hard time organizing, searching and finding the assets we needed to do our jobs. 

With the explosion of digital assets in the last few years this problem is compounding faster than the solutions can come to market. Zorroa is tackling and reporting many successful case studies, and we're just getting started. 

Cumulative time in visual asset production, management, and creation.

Multiple industry awards for groundbreaking visual asset production and technology.

Successful exits, one IPO and 2 M&As with market-making companies in both content creation and technology.

We share a worldview in which real value—the kind of value that clearly distinguishes one company’s solutions as being superior to its competition—comes from being able to routinely create unexpected, elegant solutions for what was thought to be impossible.

Beth Loughney
Founder & Executive Chair

Over 20 years media and graphics technology startups and multi-billion dollar international firms.

CEO of Exluna, acquired by NVIDIA

Founder & General Manager of NVIDIA’s Entertainment division

Director of Strategic Marketing at OpenTV during 1999 IPO and Spyglass acquisition

Dan Wexler
Founder & CEO

Over 30 years in graphics software and film production

Senior Manager of NVIDIA’s Advanced Developer Tech.

Software architect at PDI/Dreamworks

Winner of Academy Award studio’s core renderer and lighting tools

Juan Buhler
Principal Architect – Data Science

Over 20 years in graphics software.

Technical director at PDI/Dreamworks

Technical director at Pixar

Matt Chambers
Principal Architect – Backend

Over 20 years in graphics software.

Principal Architect of asset management and render management systems at Sony Pictures Imageworks

Principal Architect of asset management and render management systems at Weta Digital

Ken Pearce

Over 30 years in graphics software and film production

Head of motion research at Mova

R&D director at PDI/Dreamworks

Winner of Academy Award for motion capture system

Winner of Emmy Award

Amber Sawaya
VP of UX & Product

Over 20 years in design with a focus on user interface/user experience interactions. 

Long-term partner at tech consulting firm for Warner Bros, Technicolor, Boart Longyear, MasterCard and others.

Co-Founder & CCO of a venture-backed fintech startup with a successful exit.

Suzanne Baird

Over 25 years experience in graphics and visual effects production for television and film. Worked at ILM, Digital Domain and Tippet Studio.

Director of Creative Operations for Guthy Renker, direct response studio.

International business development for animation software sales and marketing.

David (Grue) DeBry
David (Grue)
Data Science Architect

Over 25 years experience in visual effects, software development, and startups.

Worked at DreamWorks, ESC VFX, Tippett Studios, EA, and Industrial Light & Magic.

Co-founder of Limnu, a startup developing visual collaboration software.

Joshua Davis
Master Curator Artistan

Over 7 years building software.

Full stack engineer at the digital magazine platform, Issuu.

Frontend engineer at Bigcommerce.

Software engineer at Huddler, acquired Wikia.

Josh Grow
Cloud Infrastructure & DevOps

Over 15 years experience in film production pipelines, visual effects and software development.

Principle Architect & VP of Software at JOUST.

Senior Production Technology Engineer at Walt Disney Motion Pictures.

Active member with the SIGGRAPH Conference.

Do you have what it takes to work with us? If so we’d love to meet you.