The Zorroa Story

This is Susan.

Susan knows her company has some files she needs. 

She thinks they may have even more she could use.

She has no idea the full extent of the data her company is sitting on.

Her company’s assets are all over the place—on cloud services, personal computers, and servers behind firewalls. 

Several years ago they digitized all of their old records—those are around somewhere as well.

In addition to the files there are multiple databases with even more information.

Zorroa gathers all of the information for her.

And then, Zorroa makes sense of it all.

Zorroa’s plug-and-play machine learning pipelines let her interact and visualize her data like never before.

Similarity searches help her see the full picture and understand her data in ways she never imagined.

Data visualization methods—like geo-mapping, facet charts, and color search—help her gain a deeper understanding of what’s available.

Every time Susan logs into Zorroa her data becomes richer, more accessible and more valuable as the machine learning processes run and refine.

What once took months to get a small set of data now takes seconds to run intelligent visual searches.

What was once a bunch of stored files becomes an active driver of Business Intelligence.

Susan now has a full picture of the data available and her team can collaborate and act on it.

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We share a worldview in which real value—the kind of value that clearly distinguishes one company’s solutions as being superior to its competition—comes from being able to routinely create unexpected, elegant solutions for what was thought to be impossible.

Zorroa’s Unique Positioning

Why is Zorroa different?

Most image analysis companies don’t provide any way for you to actually utilize their results. They don’t provide mechanisms that let you leverage their analysis in search and organization across your repositories, or amplify the utility of that analysis by joining data from structured databases.

At the same time, most MAM and DAM solutions don’t provide integrated machine learning analysis to extract metadata from your assets. When they do, it’s typically a handful of standard, pre-packaged analysis models that you can’t change.  They don’t provide a way to create custom analysis, chain together multiple algorithms, apply 3rd party models—or even train your own neural nets—to target your very own tough, domain-specific problems. They typically don’t even let you do multi-modal search with multiple keywords.

Zorroa does all of these things.  

Why does that difference matter?

Simple image analysis is only good for solving simple problems. Image analysis that isn’t integrated with organization, search and discovery is hardly useful at all.

Zorroa is a system for targeting difficult, specific problems, creating step-function transformational solutions, then making those solutions easy and automatic across vast and distributed asset collections.

Why is that hard for existing computer vision companies to replicate?

We are unique in attacking this space with a mindset developed from working successfully in the world of Visual FX. We share a worldview in which real value—the kind of value that clearly distinguishes one company’s solutions as being superior to its competition—comes from being able to routinely create unexpected, elegant solutions for what was thought to be impossible.

Coordinate multiple machine-learning algorithms

Instead of using just one neural net for image analysis, the Zorroa system has an open, plug-in pipeline architecture that lets you chain together multiple neural nets, optical character recognition, image processing, scripts for splitting up video into virtual clips, attaching data from structured databases and so on. This supports highly sophisticated, automated asset analysis.

Integrate with structured databases

Processes can be created to search through any standard, structured database, extract pertinent information and attach it to appropriate assets, making them searchable and able to be organized across many more dimensions. We combine machine learning algorithms to generate unique hooks that connect each asset to specific database fields.

Client-specific image analysis

As a client, you have very specific problems you’re trying to solve with image analysis. But most analysis providers have very generic solutions that can’t be modified. Zorroa provides and even lets you customize much more sophisticated analysis, by chaining together multiple processors, adding 3rd party processors, or even training your own neural nets.

Automated organizational infrastructure

The customized analysis pipelines, searches and organizational structures you create with Zorroa become automated “live” infrastructure for your company.  As new assets are added to your repositories they are automatically analyzed, tagged and sorted appropriately with no manual effort.

What can Zorroa do for your business?

Zorroa helps companies find their visual assets, wherever they are stored.

Our platform combs through massive repositories across distributed storage platforms on servers, desktops and the cloud, to quickly find the assets you need.