Meeting Up with Amber Sawaya

In January, Amber Sawaya, Zorroa’s EVP of UX & Product, was invited to speak to a sold-out crowd at an SLC Graphic Designers MeetUp. At the SLC Graphic Designers MeetUp Let's give you some background on Amber. Ten years ago, Amber Sawaya founded, and was a partner at, her own design and technology consulting firm. [...]

Article / 28 Feb 2018

User-centered design matters. Especially when missiles are involved.

Zorroa is led by a design-centric approach to our product. We know that working with deep machine learning and millions of assets can be daunting — so we really focus on client feedback and user friendliness in our Curator. We know that user interface design matters.  Last month's missile scare in the state of Hawaii [...]

Article / 19 Feb 2018


  Zorroa is growing and is actively looking for ways to protect the valuable work its team is doing. To help keep this level of respect for each other's time and work, we've started this internal document to allow all the Zorroa team members (new and seasoned) to have the space to learn, produce, and [...]

Article / 19 Jan 2018

An Example Processor

In previous posts I did quick introductions to the Zorroa Platform, and to the Curator, the platform's web based front end. Today I'll do a quick overview of a Zorroa Processor. Processors are the building blocks of the import pipeline. They are basically plugins that can be written in Java or Python, and they can [...]

Technical, Zorroa Platform / 14 Dec 2017

Media Mention: AI in Movies, Entertainment, and Visual Media – 5 Current Use-Cases

Zorroa was recently reviewed in the Search Optimization section of AI in Movies, Entertainment, and Visual Media – 5 Current Use-Cases. The article had this to say: Zorroa offers a platform for managing visual assets that reportedly integrates machine learning algorithms to allow users to perform content searches within large databases. Documents are imported into what [...]

Media Mention / 21 Nov 2017

Zorroa's Curator

The interactive front end to the Zorroa Platform is a web-based application called Curator. Curator allows you to search, browse, and discover your assets. The interface is focused around a set of thumbnails which are always the result of the current search.   You can easily add widgets to slice the search in different ways. [...]

Curator / 02 Nov 2017

An introduction to the Zorroa Platform

Many, many images and videos It is a common problem: You have hundreds of thousands, or millions of images, videos and documents in general. They might be neatly organized into folders, but most often they aren't. Search in a database of that size is hard enough, let alone freely browsing, and "discovery" of value within [...]

Technical / 24 Oct 2017

Zorroa & Hampton Data Services - Oil & Gas - Sunset
Why Hampton Data chose Zorroa for Unstructured Image Data Analytics Tools

Opportunities abound for a solution that makes machine learning easy to deploy into enterprises with valuable image assets. Though Zorroa’s first clients are in Media & Entertainment, we began working with Hampton Data Services on an approach to the upstream Oil & Gas market a year ago. This industry is retooling since the slump began, [...]

Article / 15 May 2017

IEEE Entrepreneurship Seeks Its N3XT Star at Startup Festival - IEEE Entrepreneurship

IEEE Entrepreneurship Seeks Its N3XT Star at Startup Festival - IEEE Entrepreneurship Last week, members of the IEEE Entrepreneurship Community attended LAUNCH Festival, billed as “the world’s largest startup event” in San Francisco, California.  In an effort to raise awareness regarding IEEE’s recent splash into the engineering driven startup space, a team of five IEEE [...]

Media Mention / 11 May 2017

Launch festival April 2017 notes on Machine Learning

Launch festival April 2017 notes on Machine Learning 2. Zorroa – are doing really impressive visual recognition from videos – where they can search inside videos / images just as if you were googling documents. So eg locating any scenes where ‘the Rock’ appears, then narrowing it down if it happens in a bank, and [...]

Media Mention / 09 May 2017