The Zorroa Visual Intelligence Platform

Automated visual asset analysis, organization, and search.

Zorroa is used everyday to discover business value. With our core feature set you'll be able to access and analyse your visual assets like never before. 

Zorroa Core Features
  • Unified search across all your repositories, including DropBox, Box, Google Drive

  • Integrated, automated image analysis pipeline, supporting machine learning, image processing, optical character recognition and any other scriptable operations

  • Searchable file types: jpg, tiff, multi-page tiff, png, gif, pdf, psd, svg, video (mov, mp4, mpeg)

  • Unique Search models

    • Multi-modal search
    • Similarity search
    • Keyword search
    • Faceted search
    • Color search
    • Search by EXIF data
    • Search by file attributes (name, date, size, dimensions, aspect)
    • Search multi-page pdf documents AND their pages
  • Attach searchable metadata per pdf page

  • Saved searches

  • Support potentially unlimited number of searchable documents and users

  • Arbitrary, automated virtual folder structures (dynamic hierarchies)

  • Convert folder structure to metadata

  • Sort search results by any metadata field

  • User collections

  • Filtering Options

    • Filter by date
    • Filter by value
  • Metadata value displays

  • Export selected assets and metadata as .zip and .csv

  • Data privacy

  • LDAP Authentication

  • Access Control Lists (Project & Team groups)

  • Enterprise authentication

  • Chrome, Firefox, Safari browser support