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Welcome to the Zorroa Help Center. Here you'll find tutorials, FAQs, release notes, and a form to send us a support request. 

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Short videos and articles that show some of the functionality and capabilities of the Zorroa Platform.

Viewing & Browsing Assets

Viewing your collection
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Tags & Metadata

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Advanced Search

Here are some ways to exert fine control over your text searches.

By default, search will look for any of the (whitespace-separated) search terms, and search is always case-insensitive.

Phrases & exact matching

Phrases & exact matching: use double quotes around your search phrase.

Example: suppose your database has images with tags Pink Elephants, Scared Elephants, and Pink Rabbits.

Searching for “pink elephants” with quotes will find only the images tagged Pink Elephants, and will not return Scared Elephants, or Pink Rabbits.

Searching for pink elephants with no quotes will find images with all three tags.

Fuzzy matching

Fuzzy matching: use a tilde “~” character at the end of a search term.

Example: suppose your database has images with several misspellings: Pink Elephants, Pink Eliphants, Pink Elephents.

Searching for elephants~ with a tilde will find three tags, the exact match Pink Elephants, and the two misspelled versions as well. Fuzzy matching allows 1 incorrect character.

Searching for elephants without a tilde will find only the exact match Pink Elephants, and will not show the misspelled tags.